Eligibility & Appointment
Interested applicants should have obtained their MD and/or PhD recently in an area that is relevant to the research focus of the Institute, and possess an exceptional CV. New or existing junior appointees of CSI or an academic department in NUS may apply. Priority will be given to applicants who are nominated by CSI Principal Investigators or Principal Associates.

Recipients of NRF Fellowships, the Clinician-Scientist Award (CSA) and other similar fellowships are not eligible for this scheme.

Successful candidates from other NUS academic departments will hold an appointment with CSI Singapore as CSI Special Fellow.

A CSI grant will be offered to the successful applicant in addition to an attractive remuneration and benefits package in accordance with the respective appointment grade.

Career Opportunity
Promotion to junior PI will be considered at the end of the 3rd year, and if promoted, Special Fellows will be able to assume their new position by the end of the following year.

Mentoring & Review
The CSI Special Fellowship program is meant to provide for independence with a structured mentoring system. Special Fellows are required to accept mentorship under CSI Principal Investigators and may choose up to 2 CSI Principal Investigators as their mentors.

Mentorship features include regular project and research discussions, introduction and access to mentors’ scientific networks and collaborators, as well as participation in meetings and journal clubs held in the mentor’s lab. The progress and development of Special Fellows will be evaluated annually by the CSI Scientific Advisory Board through interviews with both the Fellow and mentor(s).

When & How to Apply
Applications are accepted throughout the year and will go through an internal CSI evaluation and review process. Shortlisted applicants will be required to give a seminar on their current research and a chalk talk on their future research plans.

For further enquiries, please contact us at csi_singapore[at] Only shortlisted applicants will be notified.

We welcome candidate nominations from PIs in CSI and across NUS. Candidates will be informed of the nomination and invited to complete the application form. Nominations can be made here.