Curious minds and the power of zebrafish

Several dozen students from Clementi Town Secondary School were in for an exciting learning experience of a lifetime, embarking on an exclusive tour around the institute on 26th May. Part of their school’s “Learning Journey” series to learn more about cancer research, the students aged between 14 and 15 were hosted by Dr Takaomi Sanda, PI at CSI Singapore, and his team.

zebrafishThe 2-hour visit encompassed first-hand observations of the work and techniques involved at the laboratory. Dr Sanda’s team explained the importance and advantages of zebrafish as an animal model for studying normal hematopoietic stem cells and leukemia cells, shedding light on the procedures for cell analysis through simple demonstrations and experiments. The group later enjoyed a tour around the zebrafish facility at the NUS Department of Biological Sciences to learn more about the breeding and maintenance of the zebrafish.

This is the first time the institute has hosted a secondary school visit. It is hoped that more partnerships with schools will be possible in the future to enlighten the next generation of budding scientists. Dr Sanda adds, “It was a great opportunity for us to interact with young future scientists. We hope this program opens up a new possibility for further promoting biomedical research in Singapore”.